How We Can Help

Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment Experts evaluate direct, indirect and perceived threats in order to avoid a potentially devastating event. We assess the credibility, seriousness and imminence of a threat or perceived threat.

Risk Mitigation

Threat Assessment Experts develop specific mitigation strategies for potential (or realized) damage. Mitigation strategies help an organization/school or institution deal with threatening individuals; minimizing the damage already done and inhibiting threatening behavior in those who have already made direct or indirect threats. Early intervention can usually stop or reverse the development and trajectory of high risk behaviors before they escalate along a pathway to violence. Termination of threatening individuals requires thoughtful management to avoid retaliatory behavior.

Specialized Consultations and Interventions

Threat Assessment Experts offer specialized consultations and interventions for a variety of needs of our clients. These include various employee and team difficulties, sexual harassment, alcohol and substance abuse, among many other issues.

Clinical Evaluation and Referrals

Threat Assessment Experts provides confidential expert clinical evaluations and excellent referrals for executives, administrators, valued employees and others. Clinical evaluations can address many issues including substance abuse, inappropriate or inordinate expressions of anger, domestic and workplace conflict, sexual harassment and many other problems. We also provide Fitness-For-Duty examinations; some of America’s highest-profile corporations are our clients. We are retained by many sources within an organization, including HR, internal or external counsel, and security.

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Victim Assessment and Care

We at Threat Assessment Experts perform clinical and diagnostic assessments. With our excellent clinical partners, we are able to find and recommend some of the best care available. Emergency assessments and treatment may be able to be carried out remotely in some situations (please inquire).

Mentoring/Coaching Behavioral Changes

We at Threat Assessment Experts provide individualized mentoring/coaching to individuals to support them in the necessary behavioral/mental changes that need to be enacted to obtain and maintain their safety over the long term.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

ada-logoA subject (the person perceived as instigating the threat) may claim protection under the ADA and may pose special problems in threatening situations. The ADA, and for students, the IDEA and section 504, does not protect an employee/student who has made a direct threat, but indirect and perceived threats pose a special problem, as the ADA, IDEA and Section 504 are designed to protect those with a disability from potentially discriminatory action. We at Threat Assessment Experts have special expertise in handling these cases and offer this expertise to our clients.

Outcomes and Confidentiality

Our objective is to maximize the protection of potential victims, corporations, organizations, schools and universities in a manner that assures their integrity and utmost confidentiality. Threat Assessment Experts offer immediate availability so that organizations may function efficiently while a threatening or other dangerous situation is occurring.

Collaboration and Training

Effective threat and risk assessments are a collaborative process. Without the involvement of the relevant organizational resources (usually with an existing or developing Threat Assessment Team that typically includes security, management, HR, and legal), the process can be unnecessarily costly, lengthy and less effective. When needed, we will help develop and train an effective Threat Assessment Team.