Corporate, Governmental and Organizational Threat Assessment

government-buildiingCorporate executives, corporations as a whole, governmental figures, governmental agencies and various organizations are targets of serious threats.

Few threats become serious dangers, but the risk of a disastrous outcome often requires an excellent assessment. Following a direct, indirect or perceived threat, a complex array of challenges – and a wide range of preventions – quickly emerges. TAE has the expertise to assess the scope and risk of a threat.

Identifying the Threat

Threat-related disruption is unfortunately common and may be extremely costly to the efficiency and mental state of key employees or the organization as a whole. Some threatening individuals are very valuable to corporations and organizations. All need to know which issues are the most serious.

  • What steps should be taken first?
  • How can the risk of potential violence be minimized or averted while keeping a valuable employee whenever possible?
  • How can a risk be properly managed and contained?
  • Should the employee be put on leave or terminated and how should it be handled to decrease the risk of the threat being enacted or a retaliatory strike following termination?

Assessing the Subject

Once potentially violent individuals or groups have been identified, our experts will quickly assess the subject for the interest, motive, intent, capacity and placement along the pathway to violence and other destructive or sabotaging acts. When a serious risk is found, TAE helps plan and manage the risk through a synchronized set of preventative actions, usually in collaboration with corporate, governmental or organizational security and possibly law enforcement.

Providing Termination Strategies

When termination is the goal, corporations, governmental agencies and organizations often seek advice regarding how to conduct the termination in a manner that provides maximum safety to the corporation, governmental agencies and organizations. This protection is important not only during the termination, but also after, when contact with a threatening individual is typically lost, consequently making ongoing assessment of the threat challenging, if not impossible. TAE provides strategies regarding optimal terminations for an individual to minimize risk of a post-termination attack.