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Threat Assessment Experts is a company dedicated to performing threat and risk assessment. It is headquartered in Millburn, New Jersey and serves clients all over the world. It specializes in Threat, Violence, and Risk Assessment in various environments.

Mark Siegert, Ph.D.

mark-siegert-smallMark is a forensic and clinical psychologist. He is a former faculty member at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School and Columbia University. With over 22 years of experience in forensic psychology and over 29 years of clinical psychology experience, he has expertise in assessing the risk of violence and in de-escalating an active threatening situation. His experience enables him to help organizations through the most demanding crises while helping individuals leave a tense situation without initiating threatened violence.

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 Beth Siegert

Director of Threat Management

Violence Prevention Training & Violence Prevention Coaching:

Beth combines her state of the art training in threat assessment and risk management with decades of experience within a wide range of corporate settings as a public speaker, corporate trainer, facilitator, project manager, IT professional and executive and life coach. The combination of education and real life experience allows her to offer some unique assets:

  • an excellent, engaging trainer who deeply understands the world of violence prevention.
  • an extensive background in organizational, forensic and neuro psychology. Beth has extensive experience managing and de-escalating conflict which gained her a stellar reputation as the go-to person to deliver negative feedback and manage potential hostile reactions from employees.
  • a pioneer who combines knowledge and experience with state of the art violence prevention and management techniques with decades of coaching experience. This combination allows her to assist clients to learn and manage potentially threatening situations. Her coaching background helps clients manage highly stressful situations while making sure the stress doesn’t lead to dangerous behaviors.
  • as a seasoned project manager, Beth can assist her clients in maintaining both business and personal focus while managing the stresses of a potentially threatening situation.

Beth is trained to identify and use the “Pathways to Violence” approach to threat assessment and management.  This approach was developed by the US Secret Service, in conjunction with the US Marshals office and is consistently being brought up to date by incorporating the latest ongoing research. Beth integrates this “tool kit” into dynamic threat case management, a process which demands flexibility in approaches.

Advisory Boards:

Board Member: Association of Threat Assessment Professionals N.E. Chapter 2015-2017

Member: Association of Threat Assessment Professionals N.E. Chapter 2009-present

Executive Committee Member: BW NICE of Somerset County 2014-2016 (Business Women Networking Involving Education and Charity)

Safe + Sound Somerset: Board of Trustee member 2016-present

Domestic Violence Response Team Trainer: 2010-present

Domestic Violence Court Liaison Trainer: 2014-present


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