Who needs protection?

High visibility and powerful individuals are an enticing target for direct and indirect threats but anyone in a situation when fear-inducing or intimidating behavior is being enacted may need protection. Threats may be aimed at executives, administrators, managers, employees, romantic interests, students, teachers and many others. Threats may be direct, but commonly they are implicit or […]

Assessing the risk of violence

Threat Assessment Experts assess and resolve threatening situations; those in which an angry person felt wronged, resentful and mistreated, resulting in verbal threats or actions. Expertise and experience allows a threat assessment team to de-escalate a situation or know when law enforcement should take the lead. Combining decades of Forensic Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Organizational Psychology, TAE provides the expertise […]

What is Threat Assessment?

Threat Assessment is the process of evaluating direct, indirect and perceived threats in order to avoid a potentially devastating event. We assess the credibility, seriousness and imminence of a threat or perceived threat. Combining contemporary assessment strategies with the latest research on the pathways to violence and other destructive acts, our expertise will assist in determining […]