Campus and Schools Assessment

school-aged-kidsThreat Assessment Team

Campus and schools need threat assessment teams to be able to identify, assess, and manage students, faculty, employees and other persons who come to their attention as a potential threat. A multi-disciplinary, integrated-systems approach has proven essential to accomplish this important task.

Onsite Assessment Team

The composition of the threat assessment team is very important. Every school needs to consider the structure that best fits its physical site, student body, campus culture and resources. Most schools core membership consists of leaders from campus security, student life, administration, counseling, legal and public affairs. A number of schools have one team to address worrisome and threatening students and a separate team to address threatening employees, faculty members and other staff members: some use one team for both. When the persons of concern is a member of the staff or faculty, adding team members from Human Resources and Employee Assistance can be very helpful.

Third Party Experts

Many teams include third parties, such as Threat Assessment Experts and local law enforcement to fill in the required expertise which most schools do not need except when building or training a threat assessment team, or at those times when a threat has been made or perceived.

Team Training

TAE helps schools build and train Threat Assessment Teams, and help through all of the steps that are initiated when an active threat is perceived. We assist in all phases, from identifying a potential threatening person or group to assessing the level of risk associated with a threat; providing interventions when necessary while helping manage the process and fear associated with the threat.

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